Associate Director of Student Life

Administrator / Full-Time

New Hampton School, New Hampton, NH

Job Summary:
The Associate Director of Student Life will serve the Student Life Office and its programs in a variety of capacities. The successful candidate must be highly organized, professional, collaborative, student- centered, patient, and level-headed. It is expected that the Associate Director of Student Life will live on-campus.

Job Status:
The Associate Director of Student Life is a full-time position during the academic year. Summer work hours are flexible in collaboration with the Director of Student Life. This is an exempt position with benefits in accordance with School policy.

Responsibilities Include (but are not limited to):

Student Discipline

  • Assist in the investigation and follow-up of disciplinary infractions including, but not limited to:
    • Residential Life infractions o Vaping/ tobacco offense
    • Disrespect
    • Lying
    • Theft
    • Dress code infractions
    • Parking/ automobile violations
    • Untimely submission of Orange Sheets or Weekend Requests
    • General disruption (at snack bar, dining hall, country store, mail room,
      theater, etc.)
    • Unauthorized departure from campus
    • Coordinate assignment and communication re: Saturday Night Detention. o Work with the Director of Student Life on investigations as needed.
  • Oversee the boarding student vehicle application process, communication with students and families, and enforcement of violations of the policy.
  • Work through protocols with students and house heads when roommate conflicts arise.

Residential Life

  • Work with Admission Office and Director of Student Life to assign all student housing.
  • Prior to the start of school, communicate with students and parents about any conflicts in rooming (i.e., student does not get roommate or housing choice, etc.)
  • Make sure that all students have completed roommate agreements.
  • Work with students, proctors, and House Heads to troubleshoot issues of roommate discord.
  • Respond to parent concerns regarding roommate conflicts.
  • Assist in the creation of house curriculum.
  • Work through protocols with students and House Heads when roommate conflicts arise.

Student Attendance

  • Periodically check attendance each day and respond to situations in which a student is unaccounted for.
  • Obtain student absence list from Admin. Assistant and publish to faculty daily.
  • Communicate to students their marked absence to afford them the opportunity to reconcile the absence.
  • Communicate with students and advisors about the assignment of an Evening Study.
  • Send a list of Evening Study participants to the Evening Study supervisor.
  • Communicate to parents and advisors’ attendance interventions- contracts, meetings, Honor Board hearings, in-school suspensions, etc.
  • Communicate with Director of Student Life, Assistant Head of School, and Head of School the need to convene Honor Boards for attendance matters.
  • Communicate with parents about all matters related to attendance.
  • Oversee weekend and special leave requests.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • Serve as Administrator on Duty (AOD) and be willing to help the Student Life Office with emergency after-hours matters.
  • Facilitate all aspects of monthly Community Dinner-to include seating (with Administrative Assistant) set-up, grace, assign student hosts, etc.
  • Coordinate seating in the Theater for community events.
  • Assist with occasional evening special events for boarders (pretzels, hot dogs, ice cream sundaes, fried dough, etc.)
  • Assist Director of Student Life and Assistant Director of Student Life with the planning and execution of major student life events (Orientation, Winter Carnival, Spring Fest, Prom, Senior Week, etc.)
  • Assist with other responsibilities as needed.

Required Qualifications, Skills, and Knowledge:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communications (oral and written) skills, detail orientated and organized.
  • Four-year college degree preferred with three or more years’ experience working in a boarding school setting.
  • Strong ability to communicate with young adults and the greater school community to include parents, faculty and staff members, administrators, and non-school constituencies.
  • Be comfortable and competent with regular public speaking and written communication.
  • Flexibility, initiative, energy, patience, and tact in addressing matters brought to the Student Life Office with a willingness to be responsive to student, faculty, and parent needs, even in “off-hours.”
  • Experience working in a supervisory role.
  • Experience addressing disciplinary issues.
  • Proficient in Excel and FileMaker or, a willingness to learn these innovative programs.
  • Have an elevated level of professionalism and confidentiality.

Physical Work Environment:

  • Must have the ability to meet the physical demands of sitting or standing
    for prolonged periods of time at a desk or computer workstation, and using repetitive arm, hand, and finger movements as required for computer input.
  • Must have the ability to manage multiple projects at one time and to set priorities as needed.
  • Must be able to lift up-to 40 pounds and other general physical labor.

New Hampton School

New Hampton, NH
High School, Post Graduate
Day, Boarding
All Gender