Associate Director of College Counseling

Staff / Full-Time

Milton Academy, Milton, MA

Milton Academy is an independent college preparatory K–12 school, boarding and day in grades 9–12, located just outside Boston.

Milton Academy cultivates in our students a passion for learning and a respect for others. Milton students grow by developing their own identities, learning from and listening to the lived experiences of others, and living and working among peers whose differences they accept with respect and care.

In our ongoing work to create an environment that confronts bias, injustice, and bigotry, we encourage each other to be open to learning, explore our histories and identities, and seek to understand the world around us with a critical lens. At Milton, we prepare students to partner with their future communities to create a more just world and to have the courage to speak up and live by our motto, “Dare to be true.”

Summary of Position:

Milton believes in counseling, not in placement. We believe that the college process is as much about a student’s development into adulthood as it is about finding a college. Much of the college counselor’s work involves teaching good decision-making skills and helping students to gather and synthesize the information needed to make informed choices.  A good counselor must be at different times a sounding board, a reliable shoulder, a voice of reason, a goad, a mediator, an advocate.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work closely with students to develop their self-confidence and self-awareness during a decision making process, assisting them in identifying their strengths, and their areas of growth.
  • Collaborate with students and their families to identify a range of colleges that provide the best intellectual, cultural, and financial fit.
  • Work closely with parents to help them be an advocate and a source of support for their child while also helping them manage expectations throughout the process.
  • Help students and families with the financial aid application process and help them evaluate financial aid packages.
  • Create a school letter of recommendation for each assigned counselee, drawing from all available sources  to provide a meaningful context for matters on the transcript as well as a picture of that student.
  • Prepare annually updated materials, such as the comprehensive school profile and the Milton Academy college handbook.
  • Educate members of the Milton Academy community about trends and changes in college admission practices.
  • Keep upperclass students informed and prepared for all upcoming events regarding the college process.
  • Keep underclass students (Classes IV and III) abreast of testing opportunities that might be appropriate for them and counsel them, when needed, about course selection.
  • Participate fully in the life of the school – including serving as a student advisor; advising student clubs; attending school events –  in order to obtain an accurate and meaningful picture of the developments and accomplishments of individual students.
  • Serve as a resource for faculty members, advisors, and administrators as they advise students on academic matters.
  • Visit colleges regularly, invite admissions professionals to our campus, engage in professional development opportunities, and maintain frequent communication with admissions offices throughout the country.
  • Work closely with the college counseling team and other leaders and departments to gather data, interpret it, and help to formulate departmental and, when needed, school-wide program and policy based on that data.
  • Other duties as assigned

Milton Academy is an equal opportunity employer. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin or ancestry, age, veteran status, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, marital status, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice are fundamental elements of Milton’s mission. We welcome applications from candidates of all backgrounds.

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