Assistant Director of Student Life

Faculty / Full-Time

New Hampton School, New Hampton, NH

Position: Assistant Director of Student Life
Classification: Full-time, 10-month, Salary
Reports to: Director of Student Life
Updated: April 2022

Job Summary:
The Assistant Director of Student Life is an integral member of the Student Life Office Team and is responsible for two important programs at New Hampton: Student Activity programming and Student Leadership coordination. The Assistant Director of Student Life will be someone who values and solicits student voice and seeks opportunities for students to contribute meaningfully to their school. The Assistant will be eager to engage in the fullness of community life, serving as a
coach, advisor, and house parent. The Student Activities Coordinator will be a role
model and strong advocate for our students.

Job Parameters:

The Assistant Director of Student Life position is a full-time position with limited summer expectations.

Responsibilities Include (but are not limited to):

• Advisor
• Coach
• House Parent

Student Activities Coordinator:

• Coordinate rich and varied weekend programming options for students that marries student requested trips with more programmatically enriching learning opportunities
• Publish the upcoming weekend schedule each Monday in a visually appealing way on the website and on the Student Life bulletin board
• When possible, involve faculty in planning activities, so that they facilitate activities that are of interest to them
• Assign on-duty faculty to weekend activities and publish the details needed for weekend events well in advance of the weekend
• Utilize the location of the school and the monthly student life themes to identify off-campus trips for students that will expose them to new experiences. These may include hikes, water sport adventures, local festivals, agricultural centers, theatrical or musical performances, State parks, seasonal activities, etc.
• Meet with the Student Activities Council regularly to foster student voice in weekend programming
• Attend School Meeting on Mondays and Fridays to introduce the activity opportunities for the upcoming weekend and promote student participation
• Inform the weekend AODs of any aspects of the weekend activities needing clarification or explanation
• Provide instructions for trips as well as money, driving directions, van assignments, parking information, trip lists, etc.
• Attend weekly Student Life Team meeting
• Liaise with the Business Office to make sure receipts for activity purchases are submitted in a timely manner
• With the Director of Student Life, manage the annual budget for weekend programming and special events
• Work with the Student Life team to create and implement unique, occasional on-campus programs for students in the evenings, holidays, etc.
• Create rich and age-appropriate programing for all-community events such as Husky Weekend, Spirit Week, Powder Keg, Winter Carnival, Prom, Spring Fest, and Senior Week
• Create a means to publicize and memorialize our weekend programming to outside constituencies using the New Hampton website, social media, etc.
• Help coordinate activities for special events such as Headmaster’s Holiday, Foliage Day, snow days, etc.
• Oversee the School’s green vs white spirit points competition, including working with the elected student representatives for each team to organize friendly competitions that promote school spirit

Student Leadership Coordination

• Coordinate all aspects of student leadership- nominations, speeches, faculty feedback, and election/selection process
• Organize and implement summer student leadership training
• Meet at least twice monthly with Student Council to discuss school culture and brainstorm initiatives that invoke school spirit and promote student wellness
• Work with Student Body Co-Presidents to create agenda for meetings and make sure it is sent to Council members prior to meetings
• Determine best ways for Student Council to seek input from larger community re: what school climate issues should be focal points of the group’s work
• Work with Student Council members to create report to school community of items discussed in meetings
• Work with house parents to make sure that proctors understand job responsibilities and have set goals with the house parent team
• Make certain that House Heads are providing formal feedback to proctors no less than twice annually; this is especially important in the case of a proctor is struggling with his/her responsibilities
• Coordinate mid-year leadership refresher training
• Coordinate transition of current leaders to next year’s group (shadowing, meetings, mentor program, etc.,)

Qualifications, Skills and Abilities:

• Bachelor’s Degree in related field required; advanced degree preferred
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Standard computer skills, including email, Excel, word processing, etc.
• Successfully complete a criminal background and driving history check

New Hampton School

New Hampton, NH
High School, Post Graduate
Day, Boarding
All Gender