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The Fessenden School, Newton, MA

About Us

The Fessenden Children’s Center provides childcare for children 12 weeks to 5 years-old. We are located in West Newton, MA on the campus of the Fessenden School. We are committed to foster social-emotional, physical, cognitive, and developmental growth through thoughtful, integrated curriculum within a safe and nurturing environment. Through interpersonal relationships between teachers, children, and their families, we ensure that each child’s individual needs are met.

Position Summary

The Fessenden Children’s Center is seeking an Assistant Director / Lead Teacher for our team on a full-time basis, 40 hours a week for the full year. The person in this role will supervise the overall program, emphasize the coordination of co-teachers and the development of their individual and professional goals each year, and plan curriculum and develop goals for individual children within the assigned classroom. Other responsibilities will also include the supervision of children and preparation of classroom materials. All Children’s Center employees must possess a genuine desire to work with young children and parents and the ability to work cooperatively with others in both a team teaching setting and within the Center as a whole.

Planning and Program Responsibilities

  • With the director, supervise the overall program planning, emphasizing the coordination of co-teachers and the development of their individual professional goals each year (Folio), as well as, curriculum planning and development of goals for individual children within the assigned classroom.

  • Plan annual family events with the director and teachers at the Center.

  • Share in leadership and planning for bi-weekly team meetings with the assigned groups.

  • Help maintain an ongoing inventory of supplies and materials needed in the classrooms.

  • Participate in procuring equipment, resources, art materials, snack items, and books needed/wanted in the classrooms.

  • Maintain the center’s website, ensuring that the information is up-to-date.

  • Share in maintaining children’s records, ensuring that their information is up-to-date.

  • Have a working knowledge of the Brightwheel, Paycom, and Safety apps to assist staff with any necessary troubleshooting.

  • Coordinate with the Background Record Check unit when experiencing any issues.

  • Share in communicating with the Licensor regarding the Center.

Parent Interaction Responsibilities

  • Contact parents, regarding illness or other issues that need immediate communication during the school day related to their child’s care.

  • Share in communicating with parents (upcoming events, supplies needed for the center, etc.).

  • Develop warm and friendly relationships with parents and other family members, encouraging them to feel comfortable and welcome within the center.

Staff Responsibilities

  • Supervise (including bi-monthly observations of teachers working with children) lead teachers, teachers, assistant teachers, student teachers, substitute teachers, and volunteers who work in the center.

  • Edit and maintain developmental reports when due in assigned classrooms.

  • Establish together with the other teachers in the assigned groups, educational goals for each child; plan and carry out curricular activities designed to meet such goals.

  • Assist the director in planning professional development center-wide.

  • Assist the director in completing and reviewing BRCs, hiring, and the orientation of new teachers, in addition to, completing Folio with individual teachers who work in the assigned classrooms.

  • Assume the director’s responsibilities when not on site.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Assist in the integration of new children.

  • Participate, in turn, in procuring equipment, resources, craft materials, snack items, and books.

  • Supervise children in their assigned classroom and bathroom/diapering areas.

  • Work as a mentor to teachers, assistant teachers, volunteers, substitutes.

  • Take responsibility for clean-up as required.

  • Prepare materials in advance of expected time of use.

  • Attend all meetings scheduled by the Director including, but not limited to, individual group and Center-wide meetings and on-site professional development sessions.

  • Attend all family involvement events.

  • Attend 20 hours of professional development training per year.

  • Spend one hour per week with the other teaching team members, planning and scheduling weekly activities and preparing a monthly curriculum plan to be submitted to the Director by the last Monday of each month.

  • Plan outdoor activities and supervise outdoor play.

  • Ensure the safety and well-being of all the children in care by being aware of the following:

    • Emergency evacuation and fire drill procedures.

    • First-aid responsibilities.

    • Location of emergency and permission forms.

  • Report on all medical needs, health problems, changes in schedule, phone number changes, etc. to the Director.

  • Shall follow all teaching and supervision procedures as outlined by the Director.

  • Write and maintain developmental reports for each child. Reports are to be done every three months for infants and every six months for toddlers and up.

  • Establish, together with other team members, educational goals for each child; plan and carry out curricular activities designed to meet such goals.

  • Be supportive of and communicate openly with parents, fellow colleagues, and the Director.

  • Be prepared and willing to help colleagues in other groups if there is a need.

  • Greet parents and tell them about their child’s day.  Inform them about any illnesses or concerns related to their child.

  • Communicate to parents up-coming events, supplies needed for the Center such as diapers, wipes, party items, change of clothes, etc.

  • To develop warm, friendly, and trusting relationships with parents and extended family members, encouraging them to feel welcome and comfortable within the Center.


  • Minimum of an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education; a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education is preferred.
  • EEC Certified with at least Director I certification; Director II preferred.

Physical Responsibilities

  • Lift up to 40 lbs.

  • Sit for long periods on the floor.

  • Stand for long periods.

  • Push and maneuver a stroller with four children.

  • Comfortable with cleaning and disposing of bodily waste and fluids.

The Fessenden School

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