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The Winsor School, Boston, MA

The Winsor School Afterschool Instructors

The After School Program (ASP) hours are 2:40-5:45 p.m. Monday through Friday. After school teachers arrive by 2:30 and set up the ASP space for the afternoon.

ASP teachers play an important role in the lives of students as they end their school day. Winsor expects ASP teachers to engage with students, learn their names, understand their needs for the afternoon, know where students are at all times, and keep them physically and emotionally safe.

Responsibilities include supervising daily activities including snack time, homework study, outdoor play, and art projects. ASP teachers keep track of student appointments with teachers, music lessons as well as sport practices.

Students may leave the room, but they should tell the ASP teachers where they are going, sign out, and back in when they return. 

Students do not need to sign out to use the bathroom, but they can quietly alert an ASP teacher to where they are going and return promptly.

Students may not leave ASP to go to the vending machine.

Students may watch afternoon games at the discretion of the ASP teachers, but students are still expected to have quiet study time.

Contact People:

Sharon Jones Phinney, Head of Lower School, 617-459-7444

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