Academy Learning Community (ALC) Teacher/Coordinator

Faculty / Full-Time

Pinkerton Academy, Derry, NH

Pinkerton Academy, located in Derry, New Hampshire, sits on a beautiful 120 acres campus with 23 buildings. It is the largest independent academy in the United States offering more than 320 unique courses to approximately 3200 students. The Academy serves as the high school (grades 9-12) for the communities of Derry, Hampstead, Chester, Auburn, Hooksett and Candia.

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Academy Learning Community (ALC) Teacher/Coordinator

Qualifications: NH Certification (Humanities or STEM endorsement preferred)

Academy Learning Community (ALC) – Program ALC teachers are responsible for fostering a positive culture in the classroom as well as with programming beyond the walls of the school. ALC teachers should model a positive attitude while facilitating real-world learning opportunities. Furthermore, teachers model the Academy’s goals of courtesy, respect, and responsibility through their treatment of students, staff, parents, and community partners. Diligent supervision assures students a safe, supportive learning environment. JD-ALCTeacher/Coordinator 8/19, 3/2022 Essential Skills and Abilities of a Pinkerton Teacher


● Implements effective instructional practices to meet the needs of all learners ● Creates a flexible, student-centered learning environment ● Collaborates with ALC partners on the program and instruction ● Collaborates with adjunct teachers regularly on lesson planning and student progress ● Assesses student progress, provides feedback in a timely manner, and adjusts instruction based on that feedback ● Communicates and adheres to clear grading procedures aligned with program policy ● Monitors and documents progress of students and issues reports when appropriate ● Maintains accurate student records and data, including grades and attendance ● Utilizes appropriate and available resources (technology, professional growth opportunities, collaboration) ● Consistent communication with ALC aligned administrators and school counselors ● Communicates proactively with students and all stakeholders regarding student progress ● Provides ongoing academic support and remediation opportunities for students


● Exhibits enthusiasm, cooperation, and professionalism with respect to program responsibilities ● Engages and participates in meetings, professional learning communities, and common planning when applicable. ● Displays professional growth in relation to individual, program and school initiatives ● Collaborates and shares expertise or areas of professional growth with colleagues ● Communicates effectively and respectfully with members of the Pinkerton community ● Participates in ○ Curriculum planning ○ Inventory and budgeting ○ General supervision ○ Professional growth ○ Departmental responsibilities ● Displays ○ Professionalism ○ Appropriate conduct and behavior ○ Punctuality ○ Care of equipment and facilities ○ Reliability ○ Appropriate management techniques School and Community ● Displays respect for all members of the school community ● Participates fully in commitments beyond the role in the classroom (e.g., general supervision of the program, intake process) ● Fulfills administrative duties (e.g., phone calls, attendance calls, budget) ● Builds and maintains relationships with community partners to develop real world learning opportunities for students ● Engages in other school functions as a representative of the program (e.g., course night, graduation, open house, ALC related committee work) ● Promotes student growth with community involvement outside of the classroom

Pinkerton Academy

Derry, NH
High School
All Gender
Town Academy