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September 29, 2021, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST

Create a Culture of Safety: Asynchronous Boundary Training


A webinar for heads of school, business leaders, administrative leaders, department chairs, and division heads

Facilitated by:

  • Becky Biggs, Director of Professional Development, AISNE


When you work to educate your community about increased measures of safety, reaching each and every member of your staff with the core concepts is critical. This asynchronous course offered online is a way to take steps toward abuse prevention and risk mitigation holistically where everyone in the community shares the same understanding of their responsibilities.

In this session attendees will:

  • Engage with the 30-minute asynchronous course that would be offered to each individual in your school community
  • Discuss how to further utilize the learnings from the training in your school, ask questions about the experience and rollout with peers from other member schools and hear case studies of how other schools have implemented safety protocols and addressed significant challenges.
  • Learn about the access and monitoring that is provided through registration and other measures that are supported to ensure engagement for each individual

The asynchronous course is a self-paced online training that presents the fundamentals of strong boundaries in a way that creates a baseline of common language and understanding for your school community.

This will be an interactive session. The first half will be a guided exploration of the asynchronous course, followed by time for questions and discussion. The live portion of this webinar will not be recorded.